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Did they call you back for an interview? That’s wonderful news, you managed to stand out amongst many other applicants! However, don’t get over excited, because the job is not yours yet – the competition is much harder in this hiring stage.

Just because you have a killer CV and all the necessary skills and qualifications your dream job requires, it doesn’t mean the interview will be a piece of cake. On the contrary, job interview questions can be quite tricky…

…unless…you have read Interview Preparation and Success Tips!

In this practical, trustworthy job hunting and interviewing guide, Ernest Enabulele, interview coach and CV makeover consultant, shares his experience and knowledge with you to help you get ready and rock that job interview!

This essential job seeker’s guide book will prepare you for everything:

• Possible interview scenarios
• Common, expected and unexpected interview questions
• Smart answers for any difficult interview question
• The dos and don’ts of a successful interviewee
• Invaluable tips to showcase your skills and personality
• Effective negotiation strategies
• An insight of the decision making process of a hiring manager

By the end of this page-turner, you will be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for any interview and for any interview outcome.

Why feel stressed and unprepared when, with just one click, you can boost your confidence and shine through that interview?

Invest in your career and future!

Get the Interview Preparation and Success Tips book or Kindle eBook Order your copy TODAY





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