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 If you want to discover the secrets to a successful interview that will end in you landing your dream job, then keep reading …

Did you know?

  • Even though the average length of a job interview is 40 minutes, 1/3 of interviewers will have made their decision within 90 seconds
  • On average, it takes 3 interviews to secure a job, and this process takes between 3 to 6 weeks
  • Only 1 in 6 applicants for a job will be invited for an interview

How many job interviews have you attended in your lifetime?

Perhaps you don’t even know the answer.

How many successful job interviews have you attended?

It is more likely that you know the answer to this question. Why? Because the average person has to attend at least 15 interviews before they land a job.

A job interview is the most crucial element of the hiring process.

It is the first time your future employer has an opportunity to meet you in person.

It is a make or break situation. And everything counts.

65% of bosses admit that the difference between hiring one candidate over another come be down to the way the two candidates dress.

And 55% of bosses say that they have rejected candidates simply because of the way they walked through the door.

Preparation is your #1 priority for ensuring that you land your dream job.

To excel at interviews and to increase your offer rate, you simply have to discover tools to hack into your future bosses head and make sure you stick there.

Fortunately, there are easy hacking strategies to double, triple and quadruple your chances to land your dream job.

Once you understand the secrets to a successful job interview, you won´t be the one selling yourself to others, but others will sell themselves and their company to you.

Become the one controlling the interview and choose which offer to accept.

In “Interview Preparation and Success Tips”, you will discover:

  • The 20 tried and tested Do´s to succeed at every job interview
  • The 5 most important steps for successful interview preparation
  • How to make an exceptional first impression that no one will ever forget
  • Key tips for isolating your biggest strengths and how to show them to the interviewer
  • How to answer the 10 most common job interview questions
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult and unexpected questions
  • The 7 expert tips for making sure you don’t become tongue-tied
  • A guide to the special method that has helped countless graduates land their dream jobs
  • The 45 most common behavioral questions

And much, much more.

It doesn’t matter how much you have learned or prepared, once you step inside the interview room faced with a stranger who has your future in their hands, then your mind becomes blank, your voice trembles, and you start to sweat.

This nightmare scenario is more common than you imagine.

But it doesn’t have to be a reality if you follow the tips and strategies of a real expert who has helped hundreds of people to land their dream job.

Anyone can turn job interviews from dreaded nightmares into your favorite game.

Looking for Solid, Easy to Use Job Interview Advice Based on Interviews that Actually Get Jobs?

Congratulations! After several steps in the application process, you got the email you’ve been looking for: an interview for your dream job.

The company is impressed with you so far and wants to meet you. They’re scheduling interviews two days from now.

That’s when the excitement turns to overwhelm.

Maybe it’s been a while since your last job interview or the last one didn’t turn out the way you hoped.

Or maybe it’s just the nature of the beast.

A quick internet search reveals job interview horror stories and the thousand things you must do in the interview to impress the hiring manager (or at least not mess up).

Clearly, you’re not the only one going through this ordeal.

While some of these stories may be slightly exaggerated, there are several reasons why the interview is viewed as the most difficult part of the job application process.

Beyond dealing with the immense number of interview details and how to prepare them, you need to find that elusive X factor in order to stand out from other candidates. And it’s different for every company and interviewer.

With so many things to do, where do you start?

Stand Out at the Job Interview to Land the Coveted Job” pinpoints the most important things you need to nail to keep the process manageable while still helping you ace the interview.

From the fundamentals to building your confidence with smooth interviews to the advanced techniques that really help push you over the top, you’ll get step-by-step guidance and examples to keep preparation straightforward.

In “Stand Out at the Job Interview to Land the Coveted Job,” you’ll discover:

  • Interview preparation checklist so you don't overlook anything critical
  • Detailed interview process and ways to approach each step
  • Core interview questions and how to answer them impactfully
  • How to design your resume to support your interviews
  • Different types of interviewers and how to effectively engage each
  • Strong and safe ways to make a positive impression and be remembered
  • Industry-specific interview advice
  • Pitfalls to avoid during the interview
  • Powerful body language techniques for making a good impression
  • Adapting your interview style to different types of interviews (e.g. group, social)

Author Ernest Enabulele is a seasoned HR professional with decades of experience. He’s been on both sides of the table for hundreds of interviews. Ernest interviews professionals across the board from entry-level to the executive suite.

The wisdom for “Stand Out at the Job Interview to Land the Coveted Job” comes from the great interviews (and mistakes) given at the most beginner level through the most advanced.

There are some things that make a bigger difference than others in the hiring decision.

Rather than throw the kitchen sink at you, with more advice than you can possibly use, you´ll get the key insights that really matter.

Want to Interview Powerfully to Impress the Hiring Manager and Get the Job? Read on. Interviews have developed a reputation for being the hardest part of the job application process because they cover a lot of ground. And it's not entirely knowable what the interviewer will ask or respond favorably to.
By the time you get to the interview, your prospective employer has already confirmed that you meet the job's requirements. Now they want to get to know you, gauge how you'd do in the role, and compare you with the other remaining applicants.
With certain positions, companies can interview 20-30 candidates, making the interview process highly competitive. It's absolutely essential to find a way to stand out.
The answer lies in building your interviewing skill set and adequately preparing for each interview. "How to Be Successful at Interviews" shows you how to do this like a pro.
When you feel good about your level of ability and preparation, you inevitably become more confident. And it shows. You're more relaxed and think more clearly, craft more persuasive answers, and present more powerfully... all for much better results.
"How to Be Successful at Interviews" was written by Ernest Enabulele. Ernest is a director of CV Interview Services with over 10 years of experience in interview coaching and CV makeover. He takes pride in his high success rate for helping clients get hired.
This guide will completely prepare you to ace your next interview. In "How to Be Successful at Interviews," you ́ll discover:

  • What hiring managers and HR professionals want you to know and prepare before showing up
  • Preparing effectively and efficiently so you don't get bogged down or overlook anything critical
  • How to introduce yourself to make a strong first impression
  • Understanding the differences between traditional and competency-based interviews
  • Strategies and methodologies for impactfully answering the most frequently asked interview questions
  • How to handle tricky questions to avoid ruling yourself out as a candidate or limiting your upside potential (e.g. salary question)
  • Questions you should ask to demonstrate your preparation and qualities, while eliciting interesting information and discussion
  • How to do a detailed professional inventory and craft powerful stories about what you'll bring to the role
  • Reading the interviewer and adopting your responses to ensure a favorable impression
  • Research methods to adequately understand the company and what's expected of you

Some people avoid sufficient interview preparation thinking that it will take too much time or won't make enough of a difference.
Ernest's clients tell a different story. Many didn't have much luck, initially. After committing to building the skills and preparing for individual interviews, they saw huge returns from their efforts.
The best news? It doesn't take as much time as you think it will.
"How to Be Successful at Interviews" provides targeted exercises and information for the most important things you need to get right. It's thorough to ensure you get what you need, but not overly demanding.

Now that you have received a call for an interview—you are simply one interview away from starting with your dream career.


Do you dread appearing for an interview? Do you spend nights and days practicing and preparing for interview questions arbitrarily? Do you believe that you need a comprehensive guide on enhancing your job interview skills?


We have got you covered!


Effective Interview Tips for Job Seekers: Tested Strategies For A Successful Job Interview by Ernest Enabulele comprises of essential job interview tips, tricks, and instructions to help you land the job of your dreams.


The ultimate job interview guide by Ernest Enabulele comes in Kindle eBook, audiobook, paperback cover as well as hardcover format.


Not knowing the basics of an interview session could take a blow to your confidence level. The guide teaches you on how to present yourself and your skills set for securing the job that you truly deserve.


 Choose from your preferable format today to improve your job interview skills and explore your skills set for the right job.


The book teaches the prospective job candidates the following:



    • Tested and proven strategies on how to prepare for an interview as well as how to present yourself and your answers to your prospective employer.


    • Construct valid and logical answers to tricky interview applications


    • Connect with your HR manager for leveraging your chances of getting hired


    • Exhibiting your skills set and qualifications to your HR manager without boasting or sounding offensive


    • Learn the quick tips, tricks, and techniques on building confidence


    • Learn many ways to ace an interview session


    • Prepare for various possible interview sessions



Buy the ultimate comprehensive guide on improving your job interview skills by Ernest Enabulele today and secure the job of your dreams!


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