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Interview Preparation

Going for an interview could be an enthralling process, and it could keep you on your toes until you are done with the big interview. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what goes down during the interview process, and how you should present yourself to your recruiter. What's more frustrating is not knowing how to negotiate a market competitive salary and remuneration package that aligns with your skills-set and qualifications!
Land the job of your dreams!
A job interview is the most essential segment of a job search experience, and it provides you with the opportunity to present yourself as a suitable candidate for the job. There is no room for errors, hesitation, confusion, or reluctance during a serious interview session; therefore, you should learn and practice the common interview questions, frequent interview scenarios, and negotiation strategies for landing the job of your dreams.
Interview Preparation and Success Tips by Ernest Enabulele is an ultimate guide to mastering the art of job interview, and it teaches its readers on how to master the art of preparing for an interview. By reading the book, the job seekers will learn how to:


    • Recognize and communicate their skills sets and strengths to the recruiters.


    • Identify their key selling points that would make them suitable for the job vacancy


    • Familiarize themselves with the commonly asked interview questions and possible interview scenarios, and how to ace the interview session with confidence.


    • Learn how to prepare themselves for a structured or unstructured interview


    • Build a success story


With this book, you will also be enlightened on:


    • Frequently asked interview questions


    • Tips on acing the interview session


    • Possible interview scenarios


    • Preparing yourself to answer tricky questions


    • Practicing interview ethics


    • Present your skills sets to the recruiter


    • Act confidently in an interview room


    • Build a rapport with the HR manager to increase your chances of getting hired.


We guarantee you that the book is more than a comprehensive job interview guide. It covers almost everything that you need to learn in order to land a job of your dreams.

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