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It is normal to get nervous when you are going for an interview, however, it is wrong for you not to lay your hand on relevant materials to ensure that you ace the interview. For a number of years, the fear has always been that there are not enough materials about answering interview questions. With the latest development, that fear has also evaporated.

Ernest Enabulele brings an infectious enthusiasm and a tremendous nine years’ experience. His problem-solving persona has helped him see more possibilities of how he could be of help to those who look forward to acing an interview. After coming across several job applicants struggling to ace their interview, he authored 0ther series of books that can arm job seekers with the information they need.

How to Be Successful at Interviews: An In-Depth Guide on Interviewing, Answering Questions, and Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Ernest Enabulele understands the pressure on the shoulder of anyone who shows up for an interview. The act of winning the confidence of total strangers and convincing them that you are the best candidate for the position can be tasking. To avoid falling into the pitfall of nervousness and breaking down, preparation is always key.

The author took his time to expend his experience in Human Resource department into the exclusive interview guide book to share with readers the tips and strategies to not just survive interviews but to ace interviews. He also shares insights into how every applicant can show Recruiters, HR departments, potential bosses they should get picked for the role they are applying for.

Since showing that you are qualified is done via questioning, readers get taken through the basics of answering questions with the right body language and answers. From how to prepare for the interview to closing the deal, this amazing book has got you covered and you will be so glad you laid your hand on a copy.

Interview Preparation and Success Tips: A Detailed Guide on How to Answer Interview Questions and Bag That Dream Job!

A resume that is hard-packed with experience and talent is not enough to get a job. You must know how to answer questions right and that is one area of the entire interview that a lot of job seekers don’t pay attention to. You might have been armed with a book on possible questions that your company of choice is most likely to ask you. The funny part is, if you could get the book, the HR team members can get it too.

That’s why you need to prepare for unlikely questions and there is no better person that can bring you up to speed with such questions than an expert HR lead with years of experience under his belt. That’s what Ernest Enabulele did with his latest book.

He goes all out, from possible interview scenarios, common, expected and unexpected interview questions to smart answers for any difficult interview question and the dos and don’ts of a successful interview. The author holds nothing back.

Posted by Ernest Enabulele on 28 February 2019 09:03

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